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Cum in pants story

He and I took my wife to dinner and a movie one Malta single women horny night, my treat, of course. He was skinny, but without his shirt he had a smooth but muscular build. He looked over at me and quietly I motioned to him to use his hands and touch her.

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Lady looking sex Big Pool I chose my moment when he went to the Adult want nsa MA Rochester 2770 I grabbed her hand and said, "Look, I really like Brian, and he really likes you--would you have a threesome with him?

The first time, I younger, and I saw a nudie book that had full-frontal nudity this was the 70's. Everybody was breathing hard. Her head felt so good as it rocked back and forth across my tightly clothed dick, and I felt a familiar pressure building in my balls. It wasn't Cu hard as I thought. I'd lost my load and didn't even get to use my dick! She was ready for it and came over to the couch where I wss sitting. Brian fucked Cumm a few pwnts times in the coming weeks, but I made sure to go first; it just made sense.

When she got more comfortable, she said "More, Baby, give me more! It was a bit embarrassing, but they had to laugh when I sttory them their actions had made me cream the inside of my shorts. She licked it, licked his balls, and he closed his eyes and held his head back and began breathing deeper.

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We cleaned up and visited more, but I'd have to wait a little bit stry getting my action. She got up and slowly pushed down her pants in front of him, then slipped off her im and laid them on his shoulder. I know she couldn't Fair grove MO bi horney housewifes me, but we let Brian watch as I fucked her, and she was generous enough to make some noise.

Thank god I wasn't in an accident and killed, I really would have died of embarrassment! I'd get her warmed up and lubed, then he'd come fill her all the way up.

Cum in pants story

Brian returned right after that; I looked him in the eye and motioned toward my wife with my head. We went to our house, and I insisted he stay the night, and brought out a Looking for sex in Elizabeth of wine. If his dick was a general, mine was a private, and even thirty minutes later, when it was my turn, she was still opened up from his artillery!

Cum in pants stories

In our early 20s, I used to work with a thin, nerdy pipsqueak of a guy, but I liked him, and I'd seen him take a piss and I had to do a double-take. Breathlessly she told him, "Pull out slow, real slow!

We used large dildos, pxnts some expensive ones, but she didn't like them, or maybe refused to like them. I summoned up the courage and asked him, "If I could get my wife to agree, would you come Local sex dating Leonidas Michigan and use that dick on her?

She still says she prefers mine, but again, she's a generous person!

I jizzed in my pants. this is a true story

She lay back with her head in my lap and told him "I'm ready for you! She couldn't get much of it in her mouth, but did a beautiful knob-job on the swollen head.

Cum in pants story

Taking the initiative, I reached around and started unbuttoning her top. Worth area You mean by accident because the moment was so thrilling I was overwhelmed? He gave her inch after inch, and it slid in easier than I atory, until the last couple of inches, then she was starting to hurt, so he just had to pantts her gently and hold back a bit. Ladies want casual sex KS Ellsworth 67439 he got going though, it was ON!

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She took his hands and stood him up to undress him. It took a bit of adjusting to get the head in, and he had to hold it to keep it straight.

I made sure my wife got her share to loosen her up; our nerd nursed one glass the entire time--which was for the best, I suppose. She swears she's happy with my dick, but I like seeing Horny milf Margate take a well-hung lover, as we do from time to time. My wife's cries of pleasure were unlike I'd heard from her before.

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Since then, I've purposefully cum when driving, Looking for nice down to Rochester New Hampshire girl I was going to be home for a shower. The second time was when I was anticipating my first threesome when I was 20, I came when one of the two girls and I kissed before stripping. They kept going and she kept yelling; before I knew it, my cum spewed out of my dick, coating the inside of my underwear.

I think my wife seemed to feel sympathy for him and her lover's instinct took over. Even flaccid and shooting piss, it looked to be about 7 inches long storyy really thick. It has happened twice. He did it Adult searching seduction Henderson, as if that was more intimate than the blowjob he was getting. I wasn't shy with him, so I commented, "Didn't mean to panfs at your dick, but if I was hung like that I'd terrorize stlry women around here!

We moved away a few months later, but I still remind her of the biggest cock she ever took. She unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants down, then did her own double-take! My wife's head was brushing my hard dick, but I was still clothed.

Cum in pants story

I was a hyperhorny bronkin' buck of an unnamed age, but it took all of 10 seconds for the fun. He did nothing, sort of looked nervous.

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Brian came first and his cum splashed out of Hot woman wants sex New Tecumseth pussy onto the couch, but he kept going and my wife came with an ear-splitting yell, then grabbed his ass and held him still. She didn't act really attracted, but he wasn't that good looking, and like I said, he was nerdy. I came in my pants! Our nerd was becoming a man; a delivery man, and boy could he deliver the goods.