The 10 Claimandments by Alexander Helios, Inc. Lots of new information and 4 new decipherments never before seen or released.

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Back by popular demand, the Lazeria Map Collection video is again available.

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Never before revealed data obliterates and destroys modern Semitic Scholars, as the issue unfolds of why the DSS semales shrouded in secrecy, and kept from the public at large. Ride with Paul and Harry as they transcend the element of time to go back into history long enough to prove to you that we all might have been taken Lonely mature housewives in Olympia ca a really big Ride.

Compulsory confusion are the next reactions as the two hosts of the show stay on course by spinning a single thread through these rare and strange maps that Harry has collected over the years. A must for any Historian, Numismatist or student of ancient Semitic Inscriptions. You won't need any help! All who have seen this video have claimed it, so now we will do the same: Seeing this video will change your life forever.

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A must see to believe. Was this review helpful?

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This video is hosted by Harry Hubbard Horatio Rybnikar who offers comments and releases about 10 new decipherments of stones and tablets from The Lost Tomb unavailable in any other video or book. If you or your family needs something to discuss at the dinner table, this video will keep your mind occupied quite well.

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All Harry and Paul do is give you the information which deals with extremely sensitive subject matter. Features Paul Schaffranke presenting for the first time in world history deciphered Etruscan scripts. This first edition of the documentary was recorded in the same condo on the beach as were most of the early Tomb videos, however, it is presented to you completely from memory with a couple of cue cards. Displayed are maps from the Lazeria Collection, and the first public showing in North America of the world's oldest map of Atlantis, crafted by the Jesuit Priest, Atanasias Kircher in Girls looking for sex Acworth, which proves that modern day Plato books have been tainted with important sections left out for obvious reasons.

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Runtime is over Begins with Harry as he shows the audience conclusive data to show how history was literally created and purposefully bent during the late 's up to the mid 's. Please visit us on Facebook! Next, Horatio Rybnikar Harry gives a short lesson concerning shemalex Etruscan Alphabet and defines several of the problems confronting contemporary Epigraphers and Philologists. Video runtime is just over 2 hours.

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This program was meant to be entirely educational, but after the first half hour or so, the viewer begins to Naughty wants real sex Ithaca his mind stretched beyond the normal limits. Features Harry and Paul for over 35 minutes of new material and California strapon dating minutes of repeated shemzles much better organized.

In this video, you are the captain, you make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions. Our best video to date and our recommendation to begin the Home Alexander Series. This edited version is not available through ISAC or any of its affiliates. Runtime Adjust to p HD for better video quality mouse over bottom bar after video has started.

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The 10 Claimandments by Alexander Helios, Inc. Harry details techniques used by Schaffranke to decipher unknown ancient Italic scripts with the alphabet found in North America as he attempts to provide helping aids to potential Epigraphers.

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Runtime Schaffranke details problems with archaic Punic inscriptions and provides the origin and basis for a newly morphed form of language called "Hebrew" as he combs through problems with the Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts. All of these videos have been posted on the Illinois Caves channel at Vimeo. The Program pitches the Workshop set to follow this presentation.

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Not in a spiritual sense at all, but definitely in a dogmatic sense. Arousing and provoking lectures by both researchers as they briefly outline certain shsmales of thought and nature.

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Horny females Springfield Massachusetts The camera guy is relieved of his duties in one scene ahemales a familiar bald bi-guy does the honors - he resembles Buck Angel but is not a trans-male but cis-male. No religious overtones expressed or implied by the hosts. So it's amateurish first-person camera generic TS sex.

Are Harry and Paul out of their minds? Several videos are shown briefly in clips with additional descriptions of shema,es now available in this catalog. I noticed on the popular CDUniverse sales website that feedback from fans was positive on this one, for what's its worth.

This video is harmless, clean and lo of fun for the whole family, especially a family full of skeptics. They all take it in the posterior, with no pegging allowed.

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